speed humps and damage to inner-tyre walls

I am a Parish Councillor in a Northumberland village and the County Highways have a policy to put in metre-wide speed humps as, they claim, inter alia, that full road-width humps are more damaging to things like buses. I think they're trying to do things on the cheap 'cos the sloping sides of the humps are wearing and becoming sharp thus putting us at risk of damaging our inner tyre walls and creating potential risk of blow-outs on open roads or motorways.

One of my sons lives in Rochdale where the Council puts speed humps across the entire road width noticeably outside schools where school buses drop off and pick up kids. If that's dangerous here why is it OK in Rochdale or do they have buses made of sterner stuff there?

I'm going to campaign to stop the County Council here installing potentially dangerous models of speed humps and I need anything you've published (or other technical reports you may have) which could suppoort my view.

Asked on 21 May 2013 by Geoff

Answered by Honest John
This is what I have been writing for about 8 years. All types of road humps not only create potentially fatal damage to vehicles, they also cause tremors that damage the sub-structure of the roads from the continual pounding of vehicles over them (hence pot holes around road humps), and these tremors can also damage adjacent buildings. It's time that crooked council officials who gave the job of installing these damaging obstructions to favoured contractors were held accountable.
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