Kia Carens specification confusion

I'm considering buying the new Kia Carens but have been thoroughly confused by the dealer and the Kia website which seem to contradict some of the Online reviews.

Are you able to please confirm whether or not the Kia '3' comes with: Park assist, heated rear seats and sat nav.

Various reviews and even a Kia YouTube advert, say it does come with these yet none of these are listed on the Kia spec list on their website? It astonished me when the dealer told me that sat nav was not an option at all on any Carens. Would you know?

Asked on 12 May 2013 by scbellamy

Answered by Honest John
All I have is what they gave me at the launch:

Says reversing camera system, heated front seats (not rears), satnav.

But the spec of any car can change between catalogue and production for all kinds of reasons, one of which is shortage of a particular component on the day the car is built.
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