Eolys fluid bag on 207

I am now facing the third replacement of the Eolys fluid bag on my Peugeot 207. This is a serious issue if I am to believe my Peugeot garage - this stuff is highly toxic and carcinogenic. Peugeot can happily sit back and let this stuff spew out on my driveway, put my pets and other animals at risk of death - maybe me as I have to clear up the mess and cost me about £100 a year in replacement costs.

This time I have removed the bag and will get a technical assessment of it. On inspection I can see that the surface of the bag is breaking up - these bags are simply not up to the job.

Asked on 12 May 2013 by angryal

Answered by Honest John
Have heard of this on other Peugeots. PSA and Ford now seem to have abandoned Eolys regeneration and gone solely for coated DPFs. Report your safety problem to VOSA, which might order a vehicle safety recall. But I don't think this is widespread on 207s otherwise I'd have received more complaints.
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