I successfully sued Tesco for not labelling fuel pumps properly.

I poured unleaded petrol into my diesel Hyundai iLoad van a few months ago at Tesco, but luckily realised before starting the engine. I looked at the pump handles that were mostly covered in advertisements and with only a small area stating the fuel type. I felt Tesco had failed in its duty to clearly show which was which so I ‘Small Claimed’ them successfully for all costs involved, which was about £400.

Asked on 28 July 2012 by DD, Hutton Rudby, Yorks

Answered by Honest John
Well done, it's the first successful case I've heard of. Though Small Claims sets no legal precedent, the argument could also be used against Shell for its Fuelsave petrol and diesel, Shell for its V-Power petrol and diesel, BP for its Ultimate petrol and diesel and Total for its Excellium petrol and diesel. These naming policies are a triumph of marketing over common sense.
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