Are police officers limited in what they can do about vehicle crime?

In response to GJ, the thing to remember is that most vehicle crime is provable and clearly defined. The evidence is usually indisputable. Other crimes, however, are not. Police have to think whether there is a certain chance of conviction. If there isn't, it’s better to at least have them on the system for future reference and ensure a harsher sentence for a re-offender

Asked on 23 June 2012 by AB, Malvern

Answered by Honest John
This came in from a former senior police officer:

“For the greater part of my service, we hunted down burglars, embezzlers and thieves, prosecuted then ourselves (using OUR solicitor where appropriate but usually the Duty Inspector) and the magistrates sent them to prison. Note, no suspended sentences, no curfews, etc. Then along came the do-gooders who thought prison was a bad idea and that the police were too corrupt to be involved with the prosecution. They brought in the CPS who generally employ unemployable law graduates of low category. They demand evidence to the nth degree and otherwise drop the case. It is now far less hassle for the police (who wants hassle?) to caution, as the alternative is frequently masses of paperwork and for the CPS to say NFA (no further action).

"A Police Caution IS a conviction, which is slight satisfaction when the officer knows the baddy should be doing porridge. I recently volunteered to assist in training police recruits and was astounded that a statement we could have taken on one page in 30 minutes now occupies four pages and takes two hours. No wonder that we all wonder where the Police Force has gone.”
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