What do you think of small capacity Chinese-built motorcycles?

I am looking to buy a small 125cc motorbike for around town. Most seem to be about £2000 up, yet I also see some on the web I think from China for around £700. Do you know if they are any good or is it the old saying: “you only get what you pays for”? Has anyone tested these or can you offer any advice.

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I have actually had experience of cheap Chinese 125s in Thailand. My brother and sister-in-law had one. It was okay, but nothing like as robust as a Honda Wave/Innova 125 (many of which are also made in China, but to higher Honda standards). The latest Wave/innova 110/125 with CVT auto works well. More at: www.chinesemotorcycledealers.co.uk/retail.html
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