Does RAC Breakdown always drop its renewal premiums if you negotiate with them?

Last November I received my RAC Breakdown renewal notice for £147.50 less Membership Savings £80.75, net charge £66.75. I had to call them out before the renewal date of 1-1-11 and a Direct Debit of £120.15 was processed in January this year. OK, I accept the increase as a result of the call-out. I have just received this year's renewal notice for £155.00 less Membership Savings £44.60, net charge £110.40.

Upon querying this, the net charge was amended without any quibble to £79.20, "to include my 20 per cent discount and to match the Web." I am left with the feeling that I could have been screwed and wonder how many other people may fall foul of this scenario.

Asked on 25 February 2012 by KD, Ferndown

Answered by Honest John
Most people who do not negotiate get taken advantage of.
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