Clutch blag

I own a Hyundai i30 1.4 ES, purchased new in April 2010. It has needed three replacement internal mirrors (a known vibration fault) and in April this year a modified clutch was fitted (also a known fault). The car is also driven by my husband and occasionally by my sister in law and we have all had problems with the clutch both before and after the modified clutch was fitted.

The take-up point is hard to find, resulting in a slipped clutch when under pressure such as entering heavy traffic at a roundabout or parking in reverse uphill. The dealer says that there is nothing wrong and to be fair, the Service Manager did drive the car in our company though on very flat easy roads, nothing like the much hillier area where we live.

His opinion was that we would have to adapt our style of driving. We have all driven for over 40 years with no previous problems so the result is that I am unhappy with the car and am considering a change.

My husband’s car (a BMW 5 Series) is automatic and I have found that enjoyable and useful in slow moving traffic, road works and average speed situations so am quite interested in a small automatic. Like a previous correspondent, I have been unable to find a dealer who can offer me a Hyundai i20 automatic to test, while Honda says that both manual and automatic test cars are available in the Jazz.

Which automatic would you recommend in the supermini/small car class?

Asked on 22 December 2012 by CE, Leeds

Answered by Honest John
I’d recommend a Honda Jazz 1.4iVTEC CVT-7. I noticed the problem you describe driving the Kia cee'd 1.6i. It's not actually the clutch. It's the fact that the engine is so quiet it's difficult to instinctively feel the correct revs to lift the clutch. The latest i30/cee'd 1.6i automatics are in fact dual clutch and quite expensive because the box is only available on top models. The diesels remain torque converter automatic, as do the smaller, more upright, but very useful ix20 and Kia Venga.
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