Is the Speed Awareness Course an alternative to receiving penalty points and a fine?

I am puzzled by your response to CD of Swansea’s query. Surely the speed awareness course is offered as an alternative to penalty points. It is not a course forgiving the conviction. CD broke the law and was caught doing so; therefore, it is of interest to his insurers who assess that he is a greater risk than someone who has not attracted any form of penalty. As a parting shot, if we viewed speeding as anti-social as drink driving we would remove the need for cameras, humps and the like, and the roads would be safer. Rigid enforcement of the law, and penalties that make speeding wholly unattractive might be the answer.

Asked on 12 August 2012 by AS, Watford

Answered by Honest John
There has to be a reason to persuade drivers to take Speed Awareness Course rather than simply take the points and the £60 fine. If that reason is no increases in insurance premiums, then there is an incentive to take the course and consequently become a more aware, better and safer driver. And less of an underwriting risk. If that incentive is removed, then why would anyone bother to take a speed awareness course?
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