How can I stop speed humps being installed in my street?

A couple of weeks ago the council of Harrow had a consultation regarding building speed humps on our road. We made a petition against their proposals which now has signatories from 72 households out of 97 on the affected streets (74%). Despite making it clear that the vast majority of the residents are against the council’s proposals, the council put up yesterday signs on our streets that they propose to build these humps. Would you be able to advise us on how can we stop them?

Asked on 12 August 2012 by DU, Harrow

Answered by Honest John
Use Freedom of Information and get a private investigator to delve into the funding of these humps and who actually pays for them. Often when this sort of thing is steamrollered through there's a financial reason, if you get my drift.

You could also take out an injunction against any tremors from the humps damaging your properties, demanding restrictions on the size and speed of vehicles using your road. And threaten to bill the council directly for any car suspension or tyre damage from these 'obstructions' placed in the roadway.
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