What can I do about speed humps adjacent to my house?

A family friend has suggested I contact you with this complaint. A year ago we moved to a new house in London. Before buying the house I made sure we were not near a bus stop, not directly opposite a street light etc. However, what I stupidly didn't even think about was that the house is positioned directly at the same place as the bollards in the road, together with "sleeping policeman" to slow down traffic. This does indeed make traffic slow down but accelerate just after too, so there is a change in pace and sound of all vehicles. In particular, large lorries and buses make the most horrendous noise (despite double glazing) and more importantly the vibration within the house particularly in the front bedrooms is huge.

My question is can anything be done about it? Cracks are appearing in the walls, but this could just be due to having had the house renovated prior to moving.

Asked on 26 January 2013 by SD, London SW18

Answered by Honest John
There is no doubt that these obstructions case tremors and have even brought buildings down. You need to get seismic measurements taken to assess the tremors and a proper structural survey. Then you can force the council to either underpin your house at enormous cost, or remove the humps. The more people do this the quicker we can get rid of these abominations that damage vehicles, surrounding buildings and the structure of the road itself, not mention the pain they cause to anyone with osteoporosis.
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