Is it worth having my Honda Civic's engine flushed for £33?

I booked my Honda Civic in for its first service since I bought it, mileage 13,000. I was asked if I wanted an engine flush for an extra £33. I asked what this was and was told they flush out all the oil sludge and this increases engine life and fuel consumption. They also add something to the petrol. I declined the offer, but do you think it's worth the extra £33?

Asked on 21 January 2012 by JH, Kidlington, Oxon.

Answered by Honest John
The problem is that some of this stuff can remain in the engine after it has supposedly flushed out the sludge, and because it’s designed to clean oil from surfaces it isn't the ideal additive to a modern synthetic lubricant. As long as you are having your oil changes at least once a year then there should not be any accumulated crud. The AA recommends not to use engine flushes in older engines because it can dislodge hydrocarbon particles and block vital oilways. Petrol additives make more sense, but then using Shell V-Power petrol is better still because that has the right additives in the right quantities.
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