Should my Skoda Octavia Estate's ESP be switched off in slippery conditions?

I was wondering whether your advice regarding the switching off of both ASR and ESP in slippery conditions applies to vehicles with AWD such as the Skoda Octavia Estate. I have found that, in slippery conditions, if you overcook it (in a safe area) then providing you turn the steering wheel in the right direction, everything slows down as the power is reduced and the brakes are applied to the necessary wheel. ESP is excellent in slippery conditions. ESP is supposed to keep you going in the direction you want to go, so I don't see the point of switching it off when it is slippery.

Asked on 14 January 2012 by JM, North Wales

Answered by Honest John
Definitely, because I was in an AWD Skoda Yeti 1.8TSI on the Porsche skidpan when it was suggested to me. The difference was very noticeable. I could control the car at significantly higher speeds with the ESP switched off than I could with it on.
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