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Driving in Europe: Can you give us some advice?

My wife and I are due to retire later this year and are planning a 6 month driving tour of Europe. We want to do the tour in style and have narrowed our choice of car to a Porsche 911, Jaguar XKR or Maserati Grancabrio.

We were going to hire a LHD car, but then thought it might make more sense to buy and then re-sell the car when we get back. If we are just going to drive in mainland Europe could we buy abroad and pick up at the start of our journey or would this cause a problem with insurance.

We would be grateful for your advice regarding the merits of buying against hiring and also if you can recommend a good LHD dealer in the UK?

Asked on by is very good and though it does not normally deal in this type of car it could probably get you one on commission. Insurance will be a problem, but, again, the LHD place probably has an answer as it will have to deal with this sort of question many times.
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