Rover Metro flatspot

Last year when looking for a very cheap run-around I bought a L-reg 1994 Rover Metro Nightfire which has the 1.1 K series carburettor engine.

I now have 2 very low mileage and rust free 1994 Metros with that engine as my Mother has ceased driving after 50+ accident free years and I have inherited hers. I will keep one but both have the same terrible flat spot when attempting a standing in 1st or, on the move, in second gear.

The car very rarely stalls, but there is just no power and slipping the clutch, over-revving or pulling out the choke, even when hot, is necessary before the engine picks up speed. I tried a full tank of super-unleaded but this made no difference. My Mother’s did this even when new, which was just about OK in rural Somerset but as I live just off the M25 it is quite disconcerting and even dangerous on busy roads.

The cars have always been regularly serviced and I believe that this was a trait of this model. At all other speeds the cars are really quite lively and, if this can be sorted, will be a very usable car for local trips or more. Do you know any tips or tweaks or can you recommend what sort of garage these days would be best placed to sort this ? I do not work on the cars myself.

Asked on 12 February 2013 by Metrodave

Answered by Alan Ross
Well given that the Ignition system has been thoroughly checked over we would suggest that you check all air/vacuum pipes and then check the inlet manifold (gasket).
As for a suitable garage,it might be best to go on the HJ web site and look under "good garages" for one near you and then contact them on the phone to see what they can do for you.
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