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Corsa cuts out under braking

I own a Corsa 1.4 sxi 2001 and a couple of months ago, as I would go to brake and slow down in traffic, the engine cut out.

This is now happening more regularly, and it was only happening when I would either stop or slow right down and in to gear 1.

I have taken my local Kwik Fit, but the diagnostic showed nothiung.

They advised me to go to the Kwik Fit up in Gillingham where they have a Vauxhall specialist, and the same thing was said there. I have also looked at forums to see if anyone else has had the same problem and of which they have but none else knows what it could be.

Apparently it might be the crankshaft sensor, however I was told that it would come up on diagnostics if it was.

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Well there is a known fault on this model, so would advise that you check the following
1. The ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor harness multi plug, which fails due to vibration. If so then there is a modification - ie a new harness/multi plug,
(i have the details ie part number etc) if needed.

If not that it could be a number of things but given that nothing is showing up on the diagnostic, then you should check all air/vacuum pipes for looseness etc.
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