Do I have to pay for this?

My Vauxhall Omega went in for full service (80,000 miles) plus timing belt change, ignition plugs and brake fluid change. I requested that if additional work was required I would be phoned. A rear spring was broken and rear brake pads needed changing. The garage is an independent Vauxhall one and the offer to fit after market parts if suitable.

I agreed to the additional work. Later they phoned to say that the brake pad pins ordered were not the correct size and they would reorder. In the meantime they would refit the old ones and would let me know when the the pins were in. I paid the bill (£950) and drove away.

When the pins were in I took the car in and they were fitted. I was then asked to pay £50 for the 4 pins and 2 clips with no extra charge for labour. I refused saying I had already paid for a rear pad change and it was the garages fault for ordering the wrong pins.

If they had phoned me about the extra charge I would have refused and either left the old pins in or asked for the aftermarket option which was under £14.

Am I liable for this extra charge which was not notified to me before collecting the car?

Asked on 29 January 2013 by AL

Answered by Honest John
Yes, you got new pins. You have to pay for them. You were not charged for the labour of fitting them.
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