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Power cuts when I turn the key on my 206

I have a Peugeot 206 HDi. When I insert my key and turn the ignition on all power is cut off from the battery; car goes completely dead. This happens when the key hits position three. You can hear the closing of a relay or similar and then current is killed instantly. All current, no perm lives, clock reset etc.

So far it comes back on it's own after 10 minutes.

Alternatively removing the main ignition fuses in then engine compartment seems to do the trick though I've not narrowed down exactly which one does this (could be the 30A number 15 fuse for the coil and heaters etc) as I've also been pulling the multiplugs too. (Not a good practice all this I know)

Once she's going she drives perfectly, full power, no issues. Any thoughts and many thanks indeed?

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So are you sure that the battery is in A1 condition, if so then it could be that either the starter motor solenoid is sticking, or that the starter motor itself is faulty.
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