What's the best funeral for my 2004 Astra?

I'm hoping you'll appreciate an unusual question, one that stretches you! I've a 2004 1.8 Vauxhall Astra Mk5 auto with 80k on the clock. It would be worth £1800-ish if someone hadn't "keyed" the paintwork, leaving a big scratch down all four panels on one side and two panels on the other side. Looks awful.

I've been quoted £500 for a bodge repair that will last two months, or £1400 for a permanent respray. I don't think it's right to bodge a repair and then sell it, but I can't bring myself to spend £1400 on a £1800 car.

How do I get the most money back out of the car? Scrap it for parts? Chop it in and take the hit on the scratches? Any other options? I could claim for it, but I've 9 years NCB I'd like to hang on to!

Asked on 8 January 2013 by jasdun

Answered by Honest John
Option 1: photo in a newsagent's window asking a price that reflects the damage. Try something funny like 'Bad Driver Required for Pre-Damaged Car' end with 'Perfect for the Supermarket Carpark'. Make sure to stress the autobox.

Option 2: BCA's www.sure-sell.info

I think you'll probably get £1,000 for it.

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