Land Rover Freelander 2 steering problems

About a month ago my 08 Freelander 2 with 66,000 miles on clock developed a steering noise. My LR dealer immediately recognised the noise. They have cleaned out the steering reservoir filter at a cost of £175. This cured the noise for about a week.

Its going back at the main LR dealer tomorrow for further work and I've been told that I may need a new steering rack. I was told that in some cases some bits of weld from the rack or pump clog the filter and this causes the noise. The dealer says that LR are aware of this but do not accept any liability.

My view is that if LR were aware of a fault with some vehicles then it should have been put right during the warranty period. I think that LR should make a contribution if a new rack is needed. Do I have a claim against LR and if so how should I proceed with it? Should I ask the dealer to raise the issue with LR or should I go direct? I look forward to your advice.

Asked on 2 January 2013 by Colin Barton-Smith

Answered by Honest John
Seems to be a common problem with Freelandeer IIs a year or so ago, LR took some responsibility. Seems not any more.
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