Should I leave the dealer sticker on?

I just bought a second hand car from an authorised audi dealer, complete with warranty etc. The car had been originally sold by them and serviced inbetween.

The car is fine (so far) but on returning home, I noticed that on the boot, under the car model number, the dealer has stencilled/painted his name! I really don't want to drive around with the dealer's name on my car, but I have no idea whether this had been put on for the original owners or for me as I did not notice when I first saw the car.

Where do I stand in asking for it to be removed?

Asked on 30 December 2012 by

Answered by Honest John
My car still has the dealer stamp in the back window and has done all its life (nearly 5 years do far). I reckoned if I showed loyalty to the dealer, he would probably return the favour, and so far he has.

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