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2012/62 less valuable than a 2013/62?

I have a £500 deposit on one of the very last MK6 Golf GTDs. I wanted to collect it in January 2013 and also asked the dealer for it to be registered then, so it would be a 2013/62 instead of a 2012/62. He said he could do that.

However, it was delivered to his dealership in December, he promptly registered it (without telling me) to see if I would take it early, as he hadn’t made his target this month. He offered me around £500, but I stuck to January and the original plan as it suited me better. It has really annoyed me he has promised one thing and then done another.

Bearing in mind it is one of the very last MK6 GTDs and there won’t be many 2013 cars - has this affected my car’s value? There seems to be a £1400 second hand value difference between a 2010/60 and a 2011/60. What options do I have?

Asked on 29 December 2012 by Bryn

Answered by Honest John
In 3 years time the value difference between a 2012/62 and a 2013/62 won't be more than the £500 he has offered you. And, in fact, a 2012/13 Mk 6 probably won't even be booked because it is now the old model.
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