Who do I believe?

I bought my Renault Twingo second hand 2 years ago from Westover Renault in Salisbury just before its MoT was due.

They did the MoT as part of the warranty but unfortunately someone in the service department typed in 444,000 miles instead of 44,000 miles.
This year I wanted to sell the car with 50,136 miles on the clock and took it to the webuyanycar.com franchise in Romsey, Hampshire and was told that instead of a valuation of £2,565 the car is only worth £2,050, despite the fact that the paperwork in the service manual shows the correct mileage at that MoT was 44,000 miles.

I went back to the Westover group who tell me that they are extremely surprised that Webuyanycar.com are taking, in their words ' such a senseless stance' and that while they apologise for 'any inconvenience this error may have caused' but that they are unable to assist any further.

I explained that it is Westover Renault's error but that it has left me with a £485 shortfall in the value of the car but, despite the fact that they are a massive group who could easily buy the car from me for the appropriate value, they are just not interested.

The delay caused by this means that I have had to extend the insurance on the car and to put it through another MOT - at a different garage.
Who do I believe?

Asked on 15 December 2012 by Shaun

Answered by Honest John
Unfortunately there seems to be a rule that once a mileage is entered on the MoT database there is only a grace period of about a week after which it can never be altered. But, of course, you don't have to sell your car via webuyanycar anyway.

You could use www.sure-sell.info and declare the mileage discrepancy.
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