I bought camper advertised with with 12 month MoT... but it only has three weeks!

I bought a Hymer four weeks ago. It was advertised as having a 12 months' MoT, but when I looked at the paperwork, I noticed it only had three weeks' MoT left. I informed the original owner, who said it will sail through the next MOT.

Today i put my van in for the MoT, and it failed. Estimated Cost £500. I think the original owner should be responsible for this. I called him, and he offered me £100. I paid £16,000 for the van, four weeks ago.

I admit i didn't check the paperwork, and relied on his word - and the description in Auto Trader. I travelled a long way to view this van, and if I had known it only had three or four weeks left, I would not have bought it...

Where do i stand?

Asked on 3 December 2012 by queenie

Answered by Honest John
Because this is a safety related issue you might have a case against the vendor. Normally you would not against a private vendor, but he has stated the car has a 12 month MoT (which you can prove), it didn't have, and it has now failed for safety related faults.

I'd warn him that you intend to sue him for the full cost of rectification using the small claims track of the County Court. Give him the opportunity to cough up before actually taking the case to court.
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