I bought car 12 days ago, it has broken down, and now I can't get refund

I bought an R-reg Peugeot 106 12 days ago. Yesterday I took it to a garage as the oil was incredibly low, he filled it up for me - and noticed I had an oil leak and that there was oil in the water resevoir. He said this is likely due to a shot head gasket.

I took it back to the garage that sold it to me, asking for a refund, as it is not fit for purpose nor is it of satisfactory quality in accordance with the Sales of Goods Act 1979. There is also something worng with the engine, according to the oil change garage, as it revs itsself and kangaroos as I try to pull away (not always, but frequently).

I would like to know if problems like these with the head gasket are due to 'reasonable wear and tear', if so, I will not be able to claim. What do you reckon is the best way forward?

Asked on 23 November 2012 by KatePokotti

Answered by Honest John
If you paid £500 or less which is basically a scrap price then this is the sort of problem you can reasonably expect on a 14 year old car. But still worth seeing how the dealer reacts.

He may have been in trouble with local trading Standards before and doesn't want any more trouble. If it went to court you would probably win, but that isn't guaranteed. You can't reasonably expect a £500 car 14 years old to be in perfect condition.
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