Selling a car as 'spares or repairs'. Should I worry?

My 12 year old Toyota RAV-4 is operational (8 months' MoT) but a garage report has listed a lot of upcoming problems - brake pads, two tyres, exhaust box, possible water pump problem, failing window motors and a few other things. It needs a new timing belt, main service and there are some other worrying intermittent clunky sounds from the steering and auto gearbox.

Having said that, I'm happily riding around, just tore 100 miles up and back on the motorways last weekend. I think it is worth a few hundred in its current condition but I'm worried that if I sell the car 'spares or repair', it may be sold on by an unscrupulous trader, as it would present as an okay runner and these old RAV4s are still priced for sale over £1500.

Do I take a hit and scrap it or can I sell somewhere with a conscience intact?

Asked on 14 November 2012 by RB, Berks

Answered by Honest John
All this will cost more to rectify than the vehicle will then be worth.

Not worth enough for

You are probably right about what would happen if a trader got it, but under current law he wouldn't get away with it.
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