Another PCN query

PCN received in hire car for not displaying my parking permit. Demand for charge plus admin fee (which is more than the charge) received from hire company who have paid the charge and say they will charge my credit card.

It gets a bit complicated because I got hire car through my insurance who put me onto another company who then arranged for the car to be delivered from another company! I went for the ignore option but now wish I hadn't as I should have cut the hire company out of the loop.

It's a private residential car park. I'm a leaseholder and the particular space I was parked in is in the deeds to my flat. Will I have to pay?

Asked on 27 August 2012 by ian26

Answered by Honest John
If the hire car company has already paid the parking charge then it will be in your hire contract and you have no way out of this one.
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