Buying a 2007 Merc E280 CDI

My wife has the option of buying a 2007 Mercedes 280CDI from her company for £13,000. The car has covered 50,000 miles and we need the seven seat carrying capacity.

The gearbox recently failed and a software problem was diagnosed. I believe the ECU was replaced although we don't yet know how much this cost. This has made us slightly nervous as we have heard that Mercedes electronics and software can be unreliable and expensive to repair.

My preference would be the much older W124 Mercedes for their carrying capacity and build quality but she is less keen on such an old car. Do you have any advice?

Asked on 30 April 2012 by Bill Baker

Answered by Honest John
Strange, I just uploaded a 1970s commercial for the W124 to the car by car entry for it seconds ago. But I'd go for the newer car. In summer 2006 (56 reg onwards) MB announced something like 2,000 improvements to the W211 and what had previously been an occasionally troublesome car became almost trouble-free.

Assuming Avantgarde spec it isn't cheap. Dealer retail without the 7 seats would be £14,225; trade £11,750. But the 7 seats are quite rare and increase the value by about £500.
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