Addison Lee's Galaxys

We are looking for a large MPV - Auto/Diesel - which will only do around 6-7k pa.

What do you think of the high mileage Ford Galaxys for sale by Addison Lee Car Sales? You can get 100-125k mile cars for £6-7,000. They appear to have been meticulously serviced, but I imagine would have been subjected to fairly heavy wear and tear ferrying passengers around London.

Asked on 26 April 2012 by

Answered by Honest John
Well obviously Addison Lee sells them at a point where they could start to suffer failures, but I think they are good buys for that sort of money. All automatic. All black. Will need a timing belt if not already replaced.

No problem with dual mass flywheels with the 6 speed torque converter auto. Might need a diesel particulate filter, or an eolys replenishment.
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