Battery charging advice

Please can you advise me if it will be okay to charge my engine battery on my Ford Transit 2.2 autoroller 200 motorhome using a 12 volt trickle battery charger {spec is input 15vdc 300ma 4.5w charging 12 volt dc200ma 300ma rms discharging13vdc60ma minimum capacity 7ah) without disconnecting the battery terminals as it is not possible to access the vehicle battery easily as it is under the drivers seat. Will it damage the alternator or anything else using such a small charge?

Asked on 12 April 2012 by Trevor King

Answered by Alan Ross
No, if what you are saying is that you want to just charge the battery while the engine is switched of, then that should be okay. Although make sure that the charger has an automatic control that switches on and off when the battery reaches full charge, i.e, trickle charge.
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