Cat burglars

Due to a regular engine misfire caused by water covering the spark plugs (now finally solved when I found out that Mercedes have produced an improved repalcement cover) the cat on my Vito-based campervan has been damaged with unburnt petrol. This causes an initial MOT failure due to high emission levels. (It is overcome by revving the engine for several minutes prior to testing).

I have priced up a new cat, and with fitting should come to about £600. As there are regular instances of thefts of cats, particularly from commercial vehicles with higher ground clearance, due to their precious metal content, can I expect some money in return for my old cat?

Asked on 26 February 2012 by jenjod

Answered by Honest John
Probably, unless that has already been allowed for in the price. Remember that thieving scumbags will steal something that costs the owner £1,000 to replace merely to earn themselves £25.
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