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MINI 'surging.'

We have just bought a brand new Mini One diesel for our eighteen-year-old.

Both my husband and I have experienced dangerous power surges that lurch the car forward when taking the foot off the clutch. In one case, the car surged into a roundabout and narrowly missed being hit.

We have taken the car back to the dealership and the chief engineer said this was a "known issue" with the diesel model and it arises from the torque on the diesel model.

It does not happen with the petrol model. However he also says they cannot do anything about it and will not swap the car.

I am unhappy with my inexperienced, eighteen year old daughter driving the car.

What do I do? Get rid of the car or press my claim with the dealership or manufacturer? Has any other Mini One diesel owner experienced this problem?

Asked on 8 February 2012 by B Holt

Answered by Honest John
That's what diesels are like. They have more torque at low revs and are reluctant to stall. So once the engine gets down to around 800rpm it will pull the car at whatever gear speed that corresponds to. If it seems to quick, then dip the clutch to disengage drive and select a lower gear. From a cold start the engine will run at higher revs, possibly as much as 1,200rpm.
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