Buying a new small car- what do you recommend

I am a 17-year-old girl taking driving lessons and I will shortly be looking for a car.

My budget is £2,000 for the purchase of the car, it has to be a diesel as my father produces bio-diesel.

I need one with cheap insurance and V.E.D. It needs to be reliable and any cars you suggest can you pin point any problem areas I should look out for?

Asked on 1 July 2011 by Jadiie

Answered by Honest John
The smallest engined diesels use the FIAT 1,248cc chain cam Multijet engine. These include Corsas, Combos, Astras, Pandas and Puntos. The best 1.4 diesel is the chain cam Topyota D-4D used in the Yaris and MINI 1.4 diesel, but you won't get one of them for £2k. Less good are Fiestas, Citroen C3s, etc with the 1.4 belt cam HDI diesel engine.
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