How do I keep my new i40 healthy?

I take delivery of a Hyundai i40 diesel in March and have read your posts about Particulate Filters with interest. 4

My mileage has fallen dramatically since retirement and I now complete small journeys of six miles round-trip most days although most is on a 70 mph highway.

At weekends I undertake a journey of between 60 and 100 miles depending on which elderly parents we visit and, apart from one mile at each end, this is Motorway driving. Should I expect problems with the DPF?. Also, I tend to use Shell V-Power petrol - does the diesel equivalent have any advantages?

Asked on 8 February 2012 by David Wilkinson

Answered by Honest John
Yes, V-Power diesel has particularly high lubricity so is good for the pump and injectors. BP Ultimate is also very good and I got better fuel economy on it than on V-Power diesel. Your daily round trips of 3 miles each way will not trigger regeneration of the DPF. Your weekend trips probably will.
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