DSG gearbox problems

I refer to the problem of the hesitancy associated with the VW DSG gearbox and the danger this causes when pulling out of road junctions and entering islands. I know you have covered this subject before in the Telegraph, and on this site.

However my question is can this problem be sorted out electronicaly? By that I mean re-programing via the ECU, or is it something that I have to live with?

Any help with this very annoying - and I believe dangerous - problem would be very much appreciated.

Asked on 5 February 2012 by Jethro

Answered by Honest John
It stems from VW's ridiculous nannying mechanism that means you have to press the footbrake to move the selector from N to D. The switching can be slow to react and can make the assumption that because you were just braking you don't want to accelerate.
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