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Stop/start not functioning on my Focus

I bought a new Ford Focus 1.6 Titanium Ecoboost in Sept 2011. The engine stop-start feature has not functioned since purchase.

The supplying dealer is struggling to isolate the problem. I need to return it to them for further investigation which is difficult due to my own heavy workload schedule.

How long before I can use my right to reject the vehicle as not of merchanisable quality, and would I within my rights to demand a like for like loan car whilst investigations take place?

A Ford Fiesta for a day is fair enough but if it takes longer I need something bigger to transport colleagues and drive long distances.

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Depends how you are using the car. Stop start will not function if your use is predominantly short runs from cold stats. It only works if the engine is fully to temperature, the battery is fully recharged, and the ambient temperature is above 3'C.
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