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Kuga Engine Warning Light

We have a 10 plate 2.0tdi 2 wheel drive Ford Kuga. Just before Christmas the orange engine warning light came on. We called out Ford Assist (AA) who said it was a problem with the particulate filter, accommpanied the car on a 30 mile round trip driving it hard, then reset the warning light. It came on again last week, so we took it to the main Ford dealer. They had it all day, said it was a software issue and they were waiting for the software for another Kuga with the same problem. They had reset it. The light has now come on again. The local dealer has said it will be ok to drive as long as we haven't lost power, but seem unsure what might happen and who will be responsible if the engine blows up. Should we still drive it? Have you come across this problem with other Kugas?

Asked on 21 January 2012 by Shirley

Answered by Honest John
If you don't drive the car far enough you will have trouble with the Diesel Particulate Filter. Peugeot and Citroen dealers are more familiar with these than Ford dealers. The engine uses a system that injects Eolys fluid into the fuel to help the DPF to regenerate, but too many short runs from cold starts will still clog it up. Take it for a 100 mile motorway drive, keeping it about 2,000rpm and it should regenerate.
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