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I was recently on a Classic Car Tour in Italy in my 2005 Morgan Roadster. While there, the rubber hose from the fuel filler cap to the fuel tank split open and allowed petrol to cascade onto a very hot exhaust pipe. Happily it did not ignite. On removing the pipe it was badly perished and degraded, and very stiff and brittle. The travelling mechanics on the tour felt that the rubber was not of a proper standard for use with petrol. My car is 5½ years old and well out of warranty, but do I have any rights if the rubber is substandard? Morgan's response to my phone call was one of disinterest and the warranty manager said "they knew about the problem" and "were keeping an eye on it". Interestingly the replacement pipe that I had to have couriered to Italy (at a cost of nearly £250) was about 20% thicker and of a different profile. Is it worth my while having the rubber independently tested or should I report the matter to VOSA (because other Morgans may be affected)?

Asked on 5 October 2011 by JW, via email

Answered by Honest John
You could report it to VOSA, yes. I’ve included a warning in the car-by-car breakdown entry at
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