How can I dispute a parking charge I received despite being registered disabled and with limited mobility?

I am 73 years old and would be grateful to receive your advice in order to reply to a parking charge which I have received from the operators of a private car park. Four months ago I had a major spinal operation because of the severe pain in my legs caused by compression of the spinal cord. Following this I now have a Disabled Badge - I can only walk a very limited distance and I parked very close to the entrance door to a shop served by the car park that I needed to enter. I was not aware that there were disabled parking bays in the car park but I ensured that I did not obstruct any road access around the car park or indeed any of the parking bays and pedestrian passage. Furthermore I displayed my Disabled Badge.

On return (much less than 30 minutes later) I found a ticket on my windscreen. Only two days after the "parking offence" my partner had to call 999 and paramedics were sent to me - I simply could not move because of severe pain. I have a copy of the dated report made out by the paramedics and of course I can copy my Disabled Badge. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Asked on 11 July 2011 by JB, Altrincham

Answered by Honest John
What you need to do is challenge them to take you to the small claims track of the county court where you will ensure that the case gets the maximum publicity. I've love to see it go to court so we can name and shame these pariahs, and also everyone involved in their companies by checking directorships, etc. at Companies House and publishing exactly who it was that persecuted a severely disabled person in this manner.
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