Why can't the DVLA take over the management of the Blue Badge scheme?

The Blue Badge Scheme, a much-valued facility, is sadly abused by some. It is mal-administered with varying degrees of inefficiency and bumbledom by County Councils throughout the country. I wrote to my MP recently to suggest that significant improvements and cost savings could be achieved if the BBS administration were transferred to the DVLA which already has systems to check drivers medical conditions and which could be extended to non-drivers. County Council departments could be abolished and expenditure eliminated.

The Minister for Transport has replied saying that the cost of the Badge, renewable every three years with a doctors certificate confirming the Badge holder’s permanent disability, was to rise to ten pounds to cover the cost of redesigning the badge. Administration would remain with County Councils. The elimination of fraud surely rests with relating the fraudster with the vehicle and the driver. Badge re-designing will not assist here. Nor will leaving responsibility with the Buggins at the Councils.

Asked on 2 May 2011 by PP, Westerham

Answered by Honest John
Your proposal could lead to greater efficiency and fewer people on the payroll of County Councils. But in fairness, the DVLA is already overburdened with administering around a million documents a week, so transferring this job to the DVLA would not be as simple and straightforward as you think.
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