How should I notify the DVLA that our Volkswagen Polo has been stolen?

Earlier this year I was given a 1993 Volkswagen Polo 1.0 to use as a second car and for my partner’s son who has just turned 17 to get extra learning time in. Unfortunately, within three weeks it was stolen. I later found out that these older cars without immobilisers are being targeted by thieves to be scrapped, as scrap prices are through the roof at the moment.

I reported it as stolen, and claimed the tax back but I didn't claim from the insurance as it seemed this would affect my next premium by more than any payment I would receive. My problem is notifying the DVLA that the vehicle has been stolen, as there is no part on the V5C that deals with this and the DVLA customer enquiries number is useless.

Asked on 2 May 2011 by AG, via email

Answered by Honest John
This is the response from DVLA:

“Your reader should inform the police that their vehicle has been stolen. The police will then notify us of the details of the theft. Your reader will also need to inform their Insurance company who may request that they send them the vehicle registration certificate (V5C) to update their records and to process any claims your reader makes on the vehicle. If the vehicle is not recovered, your reader should complete the notification of sale or transfer section of the V5C (section V5C/3) with their insurers details and send it to the DVLA. They should receive an acknowledgement letter within 4 weeks to confirm they are no longer the registered keeper. Further information is available at:
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