I'm buying a new Hyundai i10 automatic when they are finally in stock - should I drive with two feet or one?

I am ordering the new Hyundai i10 1.2 Active automatic as you suggested. It seems there will be none available (at least in black or silver) before some time in June. There is supposed to be a £600 discount. However, the dealer (in Somerset) says he will give me £3,500 for my Toyota Yaris T Sport, not £3,800, because, he said, "it is swings and roundabouts." They are clever but I haven't the experience to argue so think I will accept the deal. I hope I can adapt to driving the auto. You always advocate using two feet - everyone I know only uses one foot. But when I tried a friend's car, I found myself automatically using both feet.

Asked on 22 April 2011 by RB, Stroud

Answered by Honest John
Very pleased you 'automatically' used both feet. There will be many occasions when this will save you a bump, and possibly some occasions where it will save you injuring someone, especially while manoeuvring and driving at low speeds. Obviously if you find yourself ‘declutching’ at speed, then you need to revert to one footed driving out on the open road and restrict left foot braking to manoeuvring.
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