Is it common for Renault Espaces to over-rev on sump oil before suffering engine failure?

We have had a total engine failure on our Espace 2.2 dCi and are wondering if others have has similar problems. Basically it started with engine losing power and flashing ‘Injector fault’ on the dashboard. The problem then went away. We had the car serviced a few days later and it worked for a few days before the problem started again. We took it to the local mechanic to check and they took it for a test drive when the engine over-revved, running on its sump oil. I can see on the net that many people had similar problems either with the turbo or with the injectors that resulted in total engine failures. In your opinion, do you think this is user fault or should the manufacturer bear some of the blame? The car had full service history, first registered in April 2006 and only did 48,000 miles.

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Yes, common problem. How Renault reacts to it depends on when and where the car was serviced. If fully Renault serviced, then goodwill is likely. If not Renault serviced, then goodwill is far less likely.
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