Why doesn't the UK install traffic light countdowns as used in Egypt?

I returned from holiday in Egypt (before the troubles) and experienced the crazy traffic in Cairo. The way they drive there would give anti driver groups like Brake a heart attack. At night, a good number of vehicles drive without any lights on at all. One good thing they have is that some sets of traffic lights have coloured LED displays next to them that count down to the next change. So if the lights are red, the display counts down in red and then when the lights change to green, the display turns green and starts to count-down. What an excellent idea! This would help drivers 'slow to flow' to help ease congestion and improve fuel consumption. We ought to use it here.

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Same in Thailand, China and Canada. I've been pushing for these since 2004 against the opposition of the traffic lights lobby that says its variable automated systems are better.
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