Why does my Alfa Romeo MiTo only achieve 75 per cent of its quoted mpg figure?

I know from what you have written that official fuel economy figures are unachievable, but does there come a point at which they are misrepresenting the car? I bought an Alfa MiTo in August (pre-reg but otherwise new). The garage said it would take up to 1,000 miles to get up to its proper figures. It has now done 2,000 and on urban journeys I barely get 75 per cent of the quoted urban figure (28mpg against 38mpg quoted). On extra urban journeys I still only get 85 per cent of the urban figure (32mpg) never mind coming anything near the extra urban (62mpg) or combined (50mpg) figures. Surely I should be able at least to reach the urban figure on everyday combined motoring?

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This is something you have to take up with the European Commission that sets the parameters for the testing, oversees the tests and compels manufacturers to quote only those figures. It is not up to manufacturers to deliberately underachieve in these tests in order to make them more realistic, though there is some evidence that Honda plays it straighter than anyone else.
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