How can I report a speed hump which is plainly capable of damaging cars?

I have found a disintegrating rubber speed cushion on a road local to me, which has been partially 'bodged up' by the County Council using some asphalt. There are two securing studs that have been left exposed – to stab and penetrate vehicle tyres. Also, as well as the chunk missing from the left hand ramp, there is a split in the right hand centre panel. All this on a road that carries in excess of 3,000 vehicles per day in each direction (these are the County Councils own figures taken during a survey they carried out in April this year).

When are we going to be rid of these diabolical, damage-causing (that is without the problems related above) obstacles? I have been fighting the County Council for the last year but they deny that these cushions cause any damage to cars and the Chief Executive has refused point blank to remove them.

Asked on 6 December 2010 by DH, via email

Answered by Honest John
That's outrageous, but sadly typical. Please report, using the photo of the exposed bolts, to Then, if the speed cushion is not repaired, the report will be a matter of record and if anyone suffers any damage as a result they can sue the council. Also check that Council Chief Executive’s salary. You’re paying it.
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