I recently hit a pothole and my car now rattles - do you know what could be wrong?

Driving down a country lane I hit a deep pothole that was covered by a puddle. I was probably going around 25-30mph. My front wheel on the passenger's side is now rattling/squeaking. It’s not constant, just when I go over uneven surfaces and bumps. Any ideas what's wrong?

Asked on 2 February 2018 by Kenneth heaney

Answered by Alan Ross
From what you've described, you would be best to get it inspected. It could be damage to the wheel, steering gear, track rod etc. Without actually seeing it, it's rather difficult to identify - but would have it inspected ASAP. You may also want to consider taking a picture of the pothole (we assume there were no warning signs). If you have damaged the car, you might want to contact the relevant council with all the details and request compensation.
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