I love my old Volkswagen Sharan - should I replace it with the new model or with a Ford Galaxy?

I wrote to you about five years ago when I had just got my latest 2005 Volkswagen Sharan 1.9 SE diesel company car. This was my third. Like a lot of companies at the moment we are making our vehicles last a couple of years longer. Well, I know it's a really old design but I still love this car, it now has 237,000 on the clock and still knocks along at a good rate. It runs probably over half full on weight with samples, files, has had a new clutch/flywheel at around 190,000 and new turbo at 160,000 which seems about normal with these. It gets serviced every 10,000. I hope to move up to a new model or a Galaxy sometime next year, but I would still have another of these. It's so comfortable to drive all over the country - I only ever had a breakdown on one 10 years ago when the fan belt came off. Bit of a waffle I know, but a great old car.

Asked on 8 November 2010 by CB, Altrincham

Answered by Honest John
That's a real accolade for the old shape Sharan. My taxi driver gets nothing like that sort of life out of his DMFs but he is a quick, no nonsense driver. Does things I'd never dream of doing. As well as the new Galaxy you might like to consider this: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road tests/seat/alhambra-2010
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