Can old tyres be used efficiently to make rubber speed humps?

A use for all those tyres rendered useless by speed humps? You guessed it: make them into speed humps: No mention in this article that the humps contributed to the early recycling of tyres, or any mention that rubber humps would do any better.

Asked on 27 October 2010 by KM, Loughborough

Answered by Honest John
I wonder what the abrasion rate is against car tyres? If it is significantly less, or non-existent, then that removes my principle objection to speed humps. If they don't cause mayhem from burst tyres later in a car's journey, and can be straddled so they don't send shockwaves through the ground, then they have covered my main arguments against them. But a street with them installed still can’t be snowploughed
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