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Could pressing the wrong pedal have caused these old ladies to crash their automatic cars?

I know two elderly ladies who have each written off their nearly-new automatic cars due to lack of control. I am convinced that, in their cases, the problem resulted from not having the brake pedal firmly depressed when they engaged ‘D’ on preparing to set off. As they felt the car move, they stabbed at the brake but found the accelerator.

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You can't start the engine of an automatic unless it's in 'P'. Some manufacturers such as VAG force you to press the footbrake to move the lever from 'N' to 'D'. Others don't. I agree. The old ladies were probably taught to drive one footed and hit the accelerator with their right foot rather than the brake. That's why I think the advice they have been given is dangerous and two-feet two-pedals avoids any such confusion.
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